Monday, May 30, 2011

what can you make with curtain fabric samples?

A couple of years ago I bought a box of curtain fabric samples at a thrift store.   lots of coordinating colors and pretty patterns. 
I recently bought a pattern to make a sling bag so I decided to give it a try!
Here is the pattern I bought.

I used a couple of the samples to make my sling bag.   Here is what I ended up with.

I think it came out really nice.  It took several hours to make.  The next one I make will be quicker now that I understand the pattern directions. Ir was not difficult to make.   I might try to make a couple for gifts.
What do you think of it?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fun at mamae's house

Alden and Reed spent a day with us last week.  It is fun to have them together. They come up with the funniest things.  Here they are on the recliner together.

The boys had so much fun with these bins.
I just had to share this picture.

Adlen had a birthday party yesterday. All the kids had so much fun in the pool and on the water slide.  He was three on Friday, May 27th. The years go by so fast.   Here is a photo of Alden with his mommy and daddy!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A note of Thanks

Today my car was hit in the parking lot of our local Wal Mart.; A sweet elderly man hit the front of my Murano...not to bad but it will need some fixing..I felt so sorry for him. He hit the accelerater instead of the brake. He hit my vehicle, the front of the store and smashed into a post. He actually traveled about 100 yards before he stopped. We are all so thankful that he did not hit anyone. No one was hurt. The manager told me that the security video showed the accident. I had just stepped out of my car a minute before it happened. I would have been hit! God is good all the time. I called the insurance company and all should be back to normal pretty quick. The rest of the day was great! The man was born in 1928!!!!he has been thinking about stopping driving. I think this convinced him it is time to stop now.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Fun in the sun

We had Alden and Reed together today.  It was a beautiful day and we spent a lot of time outside.
Here are a couple of photos I took!

                                                 Fun in the sand box!

                                            Sitting on Papae's boat.
Sitting on the picnic table!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Family Easter Photo

For Easter Sunday we had a little bar-b-que with the children.  I am amazed at how fast our grandbabies are growing.  I am getting so old...our sons will be 34 and 36 this summer....Where did the years go?  My daughters-in-law are very special to me.   I love having "daughters".  God has truly blessed our family. I am so thankful for all He has given us.

Top row - left to right - Rudy - Adam
Sitting on the swing - left to right - Reed - Laura - Alden - Michelle
I was so happy that they let me take a picture of them all together.  We got some great news that day....We will have another grandbaby in October!
Alden Jack said he wants a baby sister...that would be fun!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I miss my sewing machine!

My Bernina is at the sewing machine hospital.  She was not working right so I brought her in a couple of weeks ago.  I really miss having her here.  I will be picking up my Bernina on Wednesday.  Woo Hoo!  Since the bernina is at the hospital I have been using this machine and although I love my featherweight, I really need my Bernina to do my sewing!  The featherweight does a great straight stitch but sometimes we need that zig zag stitch!!!

I have three black featherweights and two white ones.  Such cute machines.  My girlfriend collects them. She has 16!  I got mine a few years ago.  They all were brought in and serviced and they all work really well.  I thought I would pass them on to my daughters-in-law and great nieces but they don't seem to be interested in sewing.  I guess I will have to part with a couple of them one day.