Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Check out these scraps!

I made three more of the 10"  squares last night and went to bed.  This morning when I opened my eyes I thought?????why not make them half solid and half scrappy and then I will have enough to make a small quilt.  This playing with scraps thing is  addicting!

Here is a photo of what the quilt will look like once I sew them all together!
What do you think?
Neat Huh?  I love this way of making blocks. It is fun.


  1. I love it! Keep it going girl, you're inspiring me...Elaine

  2. I finished the quilting of this quilt. Now all I have to do is put on the binding. I will have to get to that this week. I have about 6 quilts that need bindings put on them. I will try to get them all done this week! LOL

  3. I think it looks great!! nice idea.

  4. That's going to look so great....in fact it already does.