Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sun Bonnet Sue quilts

My mom made a SunBonnet Sue quilt in the 1930's. She told  me she made it when she was expecting her first baby.  She lost that baby and 2 more.  Full term babies that died at birth.  All girls.  She said she packed the quilt away and when I came along (C Section baby) in 1952 she was finally able to wrap her baby girl in it.  I have loved that quilt forever.  I copied the Sue and made several versions of the quilt using my mom's pattern. I need to take a picture of mom's quilt and post it.  It is made out of feed sack fabrics and all hand made.
These were made for a couple of my girl friends.  I sold a few made like these and I gave several away at baby showers.  I need to make one for me!

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