Thursday, June 2, 2011


I was digging in my sewing room closet looking for a purse pattern and I found this!  I forgot I had it.
I got this a couple of years ago at a thrift store...I can not remember how much it cost but I'm sure it was not very much. It is in great condition.  It measures 85" by 106"  Huge!
Anyway, I would like suggestions on how to finish it.  It is all hand pieced. and scalloped around the edges (a binding nightmare!) 

Here are a few pictures of it.


  1. I'm not a hexagon fan but that's quite a find BeeBee! I think I would square off the edges though by stitching a straight border on. I guess you would have to applique it on around the hexagons..? Good luck and I'll be looking forward to seeing what you do with it?

  2. Wow! An awesome quilt! I did an entire post on Hexagons with tons of free patterns, tutorials, ideas and such but I don't think I had a single one on an easy binding for a hexagon edged finish! Whoa! I suspect you have to fill them in with a solid and then square the whole thing off as suggested above, as well. Not an easy finish even then! Good luck but it is lovely!

  3. Oh, I just noticed you are from Louisiana! I was born in New Iberia to a French mother and a pioneer Finnish Alaskan father. We lived in St. Martinville and then New Orleans when I was a toddler but moved back to Alaska and I grew up there....but my Cajun French roots are still intact ;)

  4. OMGosh...the "stars aligned" just for you! What a find! So much work went into's sad that someone gave it away...but, their loss is your gain!

    =) new follower =)

  5. What an amazing find, you're very lucky. My DD appliqued her GFG edges to straight pieces of border fabric. I've also seen where a row of hexagons is sewn on the back to match the ones on the front edges and slip stitched together. Good luck, I think that's why a lot of the old ones never got finished.

  6. Michele
    Once a Cajun always a Cajun. I would not live anywhere else.
    We are southwest of New Orleans.

    Annie and Janet,
    Thanks for the comments everyone. I am determined to get this completed this year. When I get it done I will post photos.
    If you look through my blog you can see some other thrift store quilts I found and completed..