Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Another quilt top quilted!

A friend of mine has a daughter going away to college in the Fall. Her grandmother made several quilt tops so she was able to pick the one she wanted.  She brought it to me and I quilted it for her. It is so big.  It's 110" X 90".  It turned out so nice and she loved it.  She said it will look great in her dorm room at school.
I made her a pillow sham and a little lap quilt with some of the pieces.  It was fun to do but I don't think I will be doing anymore big quilts tops after this one.

I was so proud of her.  Seeing my sewing room and quilts inspired her to try sewing.  She made the cutest little pillow with  a variety of little blue scraps.  It came out so nice.  I should have taken a photo of it.
 I hope she continues to do sewing projects!!!!

Here is a photo of Hannah ( on the left ) with her new quilt. 


  1. And how proud we are!!! I think she's shown her quilt to everyone in the neighborhood! Even her grandmother, who made the top was pleased...I'll try to get her to send you a picture of her pillow...thx again Barb, you and your hubby are sweethearts!!!

  2. Until recently I worked with Hannah's mom and have heard alot abt the quilt. It is beautiful. The colors represent Hannah's personality, zest for life with a big heart!

  3. My quilt is especially personal to me, because my grandma made the top and my new friend quilted it. Everyone has commented on how colorful and detailed it is. I'm so excited that it is finished in time for college. Thank you so much Ms. Barbara, you and your husband are the sweetest!!!

  4. Hannah
    I am so happy that you like the quilt. You'll need it since you are moving to the north! LOL.
    I hope it looks nice in your dorm room.
    When you have to wash it be sure to use gentle cycle and cold water. Best of luck at school!