Sunday, March 11, 2012

Thrift store plaid shirts recycled

I went to the little thrift store in our town and bought a few large plaid  men's shirts for 50 cents each.
They are just big enough to make shorts for my grand sons. I was able to make a size 2-3T for them.  I cut out 4 and have already made two of them. They love to sleep in these.

Here are a couple of photos.  I should have taken a picture of the shirts before I cut them up.   The sleeves on them have a lot of fabric too but I don't need it.  If anyone wants the left over fabric from the shirts, let me know and I will send it to you.


  1. Love the sleeping shorts. What a great idea to make them from used (as in, nice and soft and bunky) shirts. You always give me such great ideas. (I've already got the pillowcase dress on my list of To Do's.) Thanks for sharing!


    1. Hi Joan
      thanks for the comment you left on my blog. It is always fun to know others are reading my blog. I love to visit all the blogs I follow.
      The thrift store in our little town is soooooo cheap. These shirts were only 50cents each.
      I just used a very simple pattern for the shorts.


  2. Well, that's a good idea. I have bought the plaid shirts for cutting up to sew in a quilt, but I never thought about sewing up something for the little ones. A large shirt would be more than enough for something tiny!!