Friday, September 7, 2012

Wedding pillow and satin purse

I have a "niece" ( The bride is one of my dear friend's twins and the girls have always called me Aunt Barbara...a very endearing thing to me.  Still can not believe how fast they grew up!)  getting married this weekend and she asked me to make the ring barer's pillow and a little purse for her to use during the "money" dance at the wedding reception.

I never know where to begin these types of things so I just sat with the fabric and let it begin to speak to me.  I found a big platter that we use to eat boiled seafood with and used it as a pattern.  I needed a big circle.  For some reason I felt the purse should just be a simple draw string bag.  I will try to  put together a tutorial on how I made it.

Here is what I came up with for the bag...

For the pillow I had some satin fabric and some lace.  Not sure what to make...think- think -think-  she wanted something simple..Hmmmmm  Here are the two ideas I ended up making...

The bride picked them all up on Monday.  She is not yet sure which pillow she will use.  I think I like the one that shows a little of the satin on each side.   
These were simple to make and it was a quick project.  
The wedding is this Saturday evening..I will try to post a picture or two next week.

I would love some opinions of what you think of these items.

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  1. Just beautiful. This bride is lucky to call you her 'aunt.'