Monday, November 5, 2012

Never know what you will find in old boxes!

My DH and I were going through a couple of bins we stored in the garage when we moved into our new house in 2007.   I found this little doll quilt that my mom made for me.  It matched the quilt she had made for my bed.  I can not find that full quilt ( must have gotten loss in one of our moves) but I am so happy that I found this little doll one.  I want to make one with that pattern in her memory.   She did everything by hand, piecing and quilting.  Mom was the seamstress in our little town and she had a few ladies that she made all of their clothes.  Imagine, she would make a dress for $5 dollars. She did several bridal parties, bride's dress and all the bridesmaids' dresses too.  She was an amazing woman.  She only went to school through the third grade and could not read or write.  But, she kept our household going and did a great job with managing our budget too.  We were poor and I did not even know it.  I think I got my first store bought dress when I was 11.  I miss her so very much.  I was 32 when she died.  That was 28 years ago.
wow that was a trip back in time for me tonight!

here is photo of the simple little quilt....

I know the points don't match but I still love it.  Way to many meomories  tonight.


  1. Wonderful memories!A real treasure. I miss my Mama so much also. Always will.

  2. Sweet! I have a doll quilt I made for my daughter put away in a box for her. I hope some day she finds it and has a similar moment.

  3. Precious treasure...Lovely that you found the little quilt.
    I miss my Mum too.
    Julia ♥