Thursday, May 30, 2013

Having fun sharing our little corner of the world!

Sue and I are part of the Bee Balm online quilting bee this year.  She lives in Australia and she mentioned on her blog that she was coming to the USA on a vacation.  I asked if she was planning to visit New Orleans.  She told me they would be spending a few days here so my DH and I picked them up at the train station on Sunday and had them stay with us at our home. On Monday we visited a couple of beautiful plantation homes on the river.   On Tuesday we took a them on a swamp tour and yesterday we spent most of the day in the French Quarter.  Today they are leaving to drive to Chicago and continue their vacation.  It has been wonderful having them here with us.  

Here are a couple of photos of the swamp tour we took.  If you are ever here in the New Orleans area the nicest swamp tour is in Gibson at the Bayou Black Marina.  His web site is
Visit his site..there is a great video about the tour.

Black Guidry does the tour and he shares his knowledge of the swamp.  He also sings some great cajun songs.  It is a great way to pass a good time.

Black Guidry driving the boat!

Francis, me , Sue and Joe near the boat!

Sue and Joe waiting to start the tour!

One of the alligators we saw!

I will try to post a few pictures of the plantation homes and the New Orleans trip later.


  1. Hi BeeBee. Have popped over to read your post after Sue told me where you were.
    Sew nice to see my friend and her DH being cared for sew well in New Orleans by your DH and yourself..

  2. How fantastic that you were able to meet up. Sue had told me she was planning to visit and it looks like you had a great time. Blogging world is so wonderful.

    1. We had a great time Marls. I would love to meet all of my 'bee' friends!

  3. How exciting! Seriously I have never heard of a swamp tour until now! How fun to meet up with fellow bloggers.

  4. We enjoyed ourselves so much with you Beebee, your great Southern hospitality is amazing. We could never have found the wonderful tours by ourselves....not to mention the fabulous cooking class we did together. Hugs to both you and Francis.