Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fun with my loom

I pulled out my loom this afternoon and decided it was time to  make another rug.
I used some black fabric with tiny white and orange dots on it and some light orange yarn.
I got the fabric at our local thrift store for $2. I had 3 yards of 60" wide silky double knit fabric and decided it would make a nice rug.  I cut it into 2" strips.

The rug is 22" wide and 50" long.  This yarn and silky fabric made a really soft rug.
I need to weave again soon.   This took me about 5 hours to complete.  In the photos the yarn looks yellow but it is really a light orange.


  1. It looks great. Do you ever have trouble with skipping a warp thread? I have had a problem with that with some yarn. I learned a way to fix it after you finish weaving!!!!

  2. So far I have not skipped a warp thread.
    you may have to post how to fix it on your blog just in case I do skip one.
    I am going to warp the loom again today. I want to make another rug.
    Have you tried recycling fabric or t-shirts? For this one I used fabric but in the past I have bought a few XXXlarge t-shirts at our thrift store for 25 cents each and I spiral cut them from the bottom up to the arm holes. I try to stay at about 2 inches wide.They make great rugs.