Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sewing room ready for action!

It has been busy here in our new home.

I finally got my sewing room set up. I still have a few bins to go through but for the most part I am ready to start working on some projects.  A special thank you to my friend Jean for helping me get started on getting this room in order.  It took several days to get everything in place.

I have several unfinished projects that I am determined to get done before I start anything new.

Here are some photos of how it looks  now.

I had some space for a small design wall!  And my DH installed my new TV for me.

Still need to organize a little better by color but at least I can see most of my fabric. I was able to stuff my batting into that little corner. 

I have a nice view of my front yard out of that window and it provides some great sunlight.

Another view of the fabric wall.


  1. Your sewing room looks great, I don't know how you moved your stash! Such a lot of fabric.. Enjoy your new home 'Specially the sewing room.

  2. Looks wonderful!! Looks like hours of enjoyment and creativity for you!!


  3. It looks wonderful and ready for sewing!!

  4. Do you need me to organize your fabric? I'm in Houma all the time.. Looks great though.

    1. Elisa, you can come by anytime you are in Houma. Yes, come organize my fabric please!

  5. Love your new room! What a great setup and so much space! Can't wait to see it in person.

  6. What a great workspace, I'm sure it'll be an inspiring place to work. I love that scrappy quilt you have up on the wall.

  7. Love your new room and all the fabric too.