Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The loom is loaded!

I still have 4 tops to quilt and I know I said no new projects until I finish all the quilt tops I have ...but....weaving does not count since it is not a new "quilting" project, right?.....  At least that is how I am looking at it.

Here are a few pictures of getting ready to weave.   I will post a picture of the scarf once I finish it.


  1. Oh! I love to see my loom loaded with a warp. I always think of the possibilities. What color(s) are you going to use for the weft? Are you sticking with black and white? If so I highly suggest a few small pops of brights like red blue aqua gold or golden yellow - just to give it some extra pizzazz. I hope you saw what I am doing on my blog post today.