Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I miss my sewing machine!

My Bernina is at the sewing machine hospital.  She was not working right so I brought her in a couple of weeks ago.  I really miss having her here.  I will be picking up my Bernina on Wednesday.  Woo Hoo!  Since the bernina is at the hospital I have been using this machine and although I love my featherweight, I really need my Bernina to do my sewing!  The featherweight does a great straight stitch but sometimes we need that zig zag stitch!!!

I have three black featherweights and two white ones.  Such cute machines.  My girlfriend collects them. She has 16!  I got mine a few years ago.  They all were brought in and serviced and they all work really well.  I thought I would pass them on to my daughters-in-law and great nieces but they don't seem to be interested in sewing.  I guess I will have to part with a couple of them one day.

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  1. Well beebee, I wish you were around my corner..!! I'll bet the white one's are little cuties?