Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A note of Thanks

Today my car was hit in the parking lot of our local Wal Mart.; A sweet elderly man hit the front of my Murano...not to bad but it will need some fixing..I felt so sorry for him. He hit the accelerater instead of the brake. He hit my vehicle, the front of the store and smashed into a post. He actually traveled about 100 yards before he stopped. We are all so thankful that he did not hit anyone. No one was hurt. The manager told me that the security video showed the accident. I had just stepped out of my car a minute before it happened. I would have been hit! God is good all the time. I called the insurance company and all should be back to normal pretty quick. The rest of the day was great! The man was born in 1928!!!!he has been thinking about stopping driving. I think this convinced him it is time to stop now.


  1. Thank G-d you weren't hurt, Beebee! Remember, the car is just a thing and you are what's important. There's been a few interesting strings on blogs about "what would you take if..." and it's interesting how people choose. Me personally, if it breathes (people, dog, etc) it goes: everything else is just stuff.

  2. Yep...stuff is just that. Stuff!
    That poor old man. When I walked out there he looked like he was afraid I would be angry. He was standing there in his crutches. My first words to him were..are you ok? We talked and I assured him that it was ok. I had him smiling after a few minutes.

  3. Glad you are ok Beebee, he's just a year younger than my Dad, a bit scary what can happen. I keep a close eye on how his driving is going....