Friday, November 11, 2011

My first try at Dresden plate pattern

I had this stack of 5" yellow squares in my fabric stash and decided to try a new pattern.  I have always wanted to do a Dresden plate but thought it was too difficult to do!

Here are the stages of my project:

I selected 20 different squares then used a Dresden Plate ruler and cut out the blades.  You can get 2 blades from each square so with 20 different ones, you can get 2 plates!

I sewed the ends of each one and pressed each one to make the points on the blades.

I placed them on my 15 inch ruler in an order I liked then sewed them together, made a center and sewed it onto the plate.

I plan to make 9 plates and make a wall hanging for my kitchen.  These colors will match perfectly

When I finish it, I will post a picture!

It is NOT a difficult pattern to do at all.  It helps to have a Dresden ruler to cut the blades out.

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  1. Hi. I linked to this post from "15 minutes play". Not sure if this will work with your color scheme, but I think this quilt is just crying out for a red border. A bandana print or one that has daisies on it would be perfect IMHO. Congrats on the new grand-baby-boy!! Great Birthday. Way to go Mom! :)