Friday, November 25, 2011

Sad looking feather stitching! I need some advice!

I have decided that it is time I learn to do feathers on my many of you talented quilters out there can do it so I figure I can maybe try to do it.
First I did some "Muscle Memory practice".
I also practice on a chalk board APP on my Ipad2.  It gets easier to draw each time.

Then I  sat at my sewing machine and tried to sew feathers...Ha Ha.....they were terrible but I did 5 tries.  I dated the sample and hope to be able to look back once I can do this and see my progress.....I have to be able to do this.  I am determined to get better at it.

in try #1  I drew the feather on with a pencil and tried to follow it....not so good!
the others were done free hand.  

I can not believe I am posting this but I need to know if anyone had a difficult time learning how to do this.  I have watched numerous Youtube videos and it does not look that hard to do ....then I tried it...NOT EASY at all...any suggestions out there on how I can improve?  and yes I know the three Ps  practice, practice, practice!!!!!

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