Friday, February 17, 2012

Magic Mirror helps me to change the needle in my sewing machine!

I broke a needle while quilting the other day and I had a hard time replacing it because my fingers are so swollen because of RA. and I could not see!
I wear glasses and when I bend down to look under something it is hard to see anything.  I needed to see the little hole where the needles goes.  After much thought I decided I needed a little mirror to help me see what a I am doing.

I could see the needle but not the hole it goes into.

I pulled out this case of eye shadow with a little mirror in the cover.  I broke the cover off.

the little mirror slid under the foot of the machine easily.

I was able to see exactly where to push in the new needle!
This mirror idea worked great for me!

I am pointing to the little hole where the needle goes. You can see it clearly in the mirror!


  1. What do they say about necessity? Mother of invention....

  2. Wow, I am impressed -- and SO stealing this idea next time I need to change a needle! Thanks for sharing this.