Monday, February 6, 2012

Papae and the boys!

I was looking through some photos I have on the computer and decided to share some with ya'll.  My DH and the babies have a very close bond.  Here are a few photos of them.

this is Ephraim's 6 week old photo....this was his birth announcement photo  He was born on 11/11/11 .

This was taken at 10 weeks old. He is smiling and gooing since he was about 5 weeks old. 

Here is a photo of Alden and Ephraim together.  Alden is 32 months old and Ephraim is 9 weeks old in this photo.  those BumBo chairs are great.... when the babies can hold up their heads they can sit in these little chairs for short periods of time.  Ephraim loves it.

This is a photo of Alden and Reed.  They are 5 months apart in age.  I took this a couple of months ago when they came to spend the night together with us.  I sewed some Thomas the Train fabric onto their t-shirts.  They love to wear their little boxers to sleep!  Better than any PJ you can buy!

Here is a photo of Reed with his Papae.   sweet  huh?

 Here is a photo of Alden with his Papae.  another sweet pic

 They love to sit on their Papae!   we love these babies so much!


  1. I so enjoyed your pictures...such cuties....

  2. Beautiful babies. Aren't we Grannies soooooo lucky?

  3. Sweet sweet photos. We are so lucky to have grandbabies who live near us. And I'm stealing the PJ/T-shirt idea :)

  4. Wonderful pictures! they just get cuter and cuter! I love the t-shirt and boxer sets. xxooxx