Thursday, August 2, 2012


Who knew that grandchildren would be so wonderful to have?   We have 3 boys, I have posted their photos before but this picture has all three of them together!  Just had to share it.
I love these boys more than I could ever express!

First cousins having fun at Mamae and Papae's house!

Left to right...
Alden, 4 1/2, Ephraim 8 months  and Reed, 3yrs 10 months...
Alden and Ephraim are for our older son and Reed is for our younger son.  We have been blessed with two sons, two sweet daughters in law and these three precious baby boys. Thank you God for all of your gifts!  Our cup surely overflows......

Life is good!


  1. I am almost ready to come down and scoop them up! they just get cuter and cuter. You are definitely blessed in the big way!xxooxx

  2. Thanks San-Dee, I guess by now you can tell that these boys are very special to us.
    I am so happy to know your surgery went well. I have been praying for your quick recovery.