Saturday, March 16, 2013

Let's Pay it Forward!

Pay it Forward - I need three participants

I signed up for a "pay it forward" giveaway.  I got my pay it forward "prize" and as part of that I have to pay it forward to three people.   If you want to be one of the three you MUST promise to pay it forward to three more people within a year to keep this going. I am limiting this to participants in the USA as I have limited funds for shipping.

I will take the first three who ask.  I would like to make something just for you that you will enjoy.
That said, it may take me a little while to get these made -it may take me some time.
I have a quick questionnaire.  You can answer them here OR wait for my reply email.  Which reminds me, you can NOT be a no-reply blogger and participate.  Why?  because I won't be able to contact you.

So my questions are:

1.Do you read physical books? (would you like a bookmark?)

2.What are your favorite colors OR color combinations?

3.What colors are in your kitchen? (or maybe you would like a potholder?)

4.What are your hobbies? (never know what I will use this answer for!)

5. Would you like a mug rug? (now that is a straight up question!)

I am grateful that I have more than I need and can share things I make.


  1. My friend, Gene, said I should come over and make a new, here I am.

    I'd love to be one of your pay it forward participants....

    Nhsarab at yahoo dot com

  2. I am also here from Gene's blog and it is nice to meet you. I will add my name to your Pay it forward. If elected do you want me to send the answers in an emai? Let me know.

  3. I am so excited to have Sara and Sharon take part in this Pay it Forward project. I am hoping to get one more!
    A special thank you to Gene over at for sending me some new friends.