Wednesday, January 8, 2014

cleaning my sewing machine

I am so bad about cleaning my sewing machine.  I always seem to be to anxious to get to the sewing part that I do not want to take the time to brush out the lint.  I am almost embarrassed to show you how bad it was.

Here is a before picture........I'm so bad huh?

  I put the bobbin so you can have an idea of how much I got out of there.

Looks so much better...I still need to get out the vacuum and get the rest but at least now I have a happy machine and I can get busy sewing again!

How often do you clean out your machine?


  1. Oh my, I am sure if my sewing machine would let me get away with it mine would get full too!! It just will not sew with very much lint anywhere!

  2. I am sorry, I laughed.....been there done that!!!

    1. I have to admit I laughed too. I had never seen so much lint in my machine. I just do not take time to clean it out after each project. It takes away time from being able to sew sew sew!
      thanks for leaving a comment

  3. I clean mine out every time I replace the bobbin. Now if I would clean other things in my house as religiously . . .