Saturday, January 18, 2014

Free motion quilting....???

I am determined to learn how to quilt feathers and designs on my quilts using my regular machine.
I found a nice round feather stencil that is getting easier to follow each time I use it.

My question to all you great quilters out there is  you draw out a stencil design all the time or do you just do feathers and stuff on your own free hand.  

I feel like I am cheating when I trace a design on my quilt top to follow.  I feel as though I should be able to free motion with out having to trace it.

Please, suggestions and tips on how to get better at this.  You can see some of my work on previous posts on this blog.

I practice, practice, practice!!!!!


  1. I am not a "great" quilter, but I do know that Leah Day says "If you need to mark it, mark it." She says that it is not cheating. And really I think of it as a learning aid. After you follow the drawn design so many times your hands learn the motion and you don't need the markings as much or at all.

    1. thanks Gene. I am hoping that is what happens eventually

  2. Try practicing on a mega-doodle by fresher price for the toy store, it has the same drag as your sewing match. And you will find that you will get those feathers going,

  3. I usually have to mark it if it is in a block, if it is a border I can usually draw a spine then eyeball it. There are no quilt police, do what you feel comfortable doing.