Monday, June 23, 2014

Experimenting with a quilt pattern

I have made numerous quilts before now but I usually start with a pattern then tweak it to fit what I like.   A friend sent me a small picture of the corner of a quilt she liked and asked if I could figure out how to make it.  I studied the photo and came up with a simple crude pattern. Excuse the scribble look to this but this is the pattern I drew out.

Once I drew it out I figured out how many half square triangles I needed.  I used 4 inches to get a quilt that turned out to be about 50-60 inches square once it was made.   I had this fabric in my stash just waiting for the right project.  I bought some of every color of these roses. I also had just enough of the white on white roses to use as background fabric.

I used green in place of the orange in my pattern and this is what I came up with.

I hope to quilt it next week....I will post a finished quilt picture once I finish it.


  1. That looks great Beebee. I love to figure out that patterns in my head.

  2. This is one of your best yet! Great job on the designing, too. Your corners and seams are really nice. Can't wait to see it finished.