Thursday, July 24, 2014

Getting ready for the new school year!

My daughter in law teaches at a local primary school. She asked me if I could make something that would allow her students to hold a book at their chairs.
She wants them to have access to their library books so they can read when they have any free time.
I came up with this. . . . . .

I am going to make 5 of each color.(blue, red, yellow and green) Nice
bright colors.
'Duck" fabric is perfect for this.

Here is the view from my sewing studio window.  My dear husband loves to take care of his flowers.  SO PRETTY.


  1. the book keeper is a great idea. Your husband's garden is beautiful. We are on hold in our garden/pond area as we have our 3rd brood of Blue Birds ready to leave the nest.

  2. So the flowers.