Thursday, June 7, 2012

Something Lost Can Be Found!

I have an amazing story to tell.
About 5 weeks ago I lost my gold chain with religious medals and a special crucifix on it in the parking lot of our local mall.  At least I thought that was where I lost it.
I went back to check where I had parked just 15 minutes earlier and it was nowhere to be found.
I asked St. Anthony to help me find it.  After a few weeks I figured it was really gone for good.   I figured this time St. Anthony could't help me with this one. I really wanted to find it because the medals had special meanings but I refused to be upset about it because it really is just “stuff”
Yesterday my BFF sent me a text saying she read in the want ads of the paper that someone found a chain with medals in the mall parking lot and they included a phone number.   I figured it couldn’t be mine but I called anyway.   When the girl answered the phone I described my medals and she said, “yep, that’s what I found.”  Today I drove to her house to get it.  (she lives only 12 miles from my house!)  I was so happy to get it back.  She told me that her 10 year old daughter found it and that she knew she had to find the owner.   I am still blown away that I really did get my chain and medals back.  I am so thankful the right person found it.  This girl proved that I am right in saying that there are good people in this world.  You always hear of the bad things that happen around us but I thought I would share this amazing good story with my readers.
It is so true, if you loose something you should ask St. Anthony to help you find it.  I will never doubt that again.

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