Friday, October 29, 2010

another attempt at making a purse

This was a fun project.  I used 3 fat quarters for the exterior of the purse and some cotton fabric I had in my stash to make the lining.  I need to learn how to put in a big snap or one of those magnetic closers . I used white velcro. It keeps the purse closed but it does not look so great.


  1. Your Bag is Lovely & I can't believe you bought those Gorgeous Quilts from Thrift Stores for those Prices...Fabulous...I am a new Nanna & I know what your saying about the GrandBabies..I just don't have enough time in the day now & I still try & work 2 shifts a week ..I am on call with a Nursing Agency now...Thanks for stopping over to my blog I saw that you had a Visit...

  2. Thanks for visitiing my blog. I am still new at this. I love reading everyone's posts...Your site was nice and I plan to visit again soon.