Friday, October 1, 2010

I love creating.  The best part of quilting is putting the quilt tops together.  I usually have 5 or 6 tops waiting for their turn on the quilting rack..  I use that time to pray and think of other projects.  I retired at 51 back in 2004 and I have made well over 100 quilts of various sizes.  I have given most of them away and sold a few.  I became a grandmother a little over 2 years ago. Our sons became dads in 2008 within 5 months of each other. We were thrilled.  They both had been married 9+ years and we had been patiently waiting for them to start their families.   My husband is also retired and together we take care of one of the babies so his mom can work without having the worry of daycare.  He will be in a preschool next Fall. I am not in my sewing room as much as before but I figured the babies are little just a little while and I do not want to miss that.  I usually spend a little time in my sewing room each evening. We also have the other grandbaby as often as we can.  He usually spends the night once a week.  I love it when they are both here.  They are learning how to play together instead of just playing next to each other. Grandbabies are such a joy to have.  I will write more later.

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  1. They grow so quickly that you have to grab the fun while you can, don't miss it, it only comes once...