Friday, October 22, 2010

thrift store treasures (quilt tops)

I found this quilt top at a local thrift store...I paid $8 dollars for it.  It is very large, it is wide enough to hang over 24 inches off each side of my king size bed .  All - ALL-  ALL- hand pieced. It must have come from a quilt shop that did quilting classes and they put all of their blocks together.  An incredible find.  I machine quilted it and we use it on our bed in the winter.   I would have preferred to hand quilt it but my hand quilting days are over. .Several years ago I had an accident while on a sail boat in the middle of the British Virgin Islands and I broke, actually crushed my right elbow.  I have 3 plates and 17 screws holding the arm together and my hand and wrist can not turn like they used to.  Oh well, I can at least machine quilt the tops I make and find. 
 Here is another great thrift store find.  All hand pieced.  Beautiful. It fits on the queen sized bed in our guest room.  I machine quilted it with a butterfly design. It came out really nice.  Oh, and this one cost me $6.00.  I just could not pass it up.  Every piece is no larger than 2 inches square!  Quite impressive on a bed.
I found this one at a thrift store too.  Paid $5 for it.  All hand pieced also.  I machine quilted it.  It fits nicely on a twin bed.  The fabrics are all vintage. It is really beautiful..I put an off white fabric on the back of all three of these great quilts.


  1. beebee,

    I want to come and shop at your thrift shop! what great finds.. You are one lucky woman and so nice that those wonderful quilts have a home!
    I can not wait to see your house blocks! I am glad you are inspired. You have plenty of your own going on here... I see :)

  2. What a fabulous thing to find! I am so jealous!