Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Placemat tutorial

My DH and I like to use placemats at the kitchen table and the ones I have are getting pretty worn out.  I found some I liked at Wal Mart but I did not want to pay about $4 each so I decided to try making them.

Here is a quick tutorial of what I did.

I used scraps of warm and natural batting.

With right sides together cut out 2 14"X18" pieces of fabric
Line up batting to fit the fabric and spray baste batting pieces in place.

pin to hold in place
Stitch about 1/4 in all around leaving a 4' - 5" opening on one side

                        Trim off excess batting all around. 

          Clip the corners and then turn it right side out.

find the opening

press to close the opening and then press the whole thing so it lays flat for sewing.

sew to close the opening and then stitch a top stitch all around the placemat

to quilt it, I start at one end about an inch from the side.  I sew until I get to about 1 inch from the other side then I turn the corner and sew down to the other side.   I continue to sew round and round keeping about 1 inch apart and it spirals into the center.
You can free motion quilt it or do lines, whatever you like will look nice and hold it together.

I made four of them in about an hour.

 I completed one of my February goals.  I sewed together a Sun Bonnet Sue quilt top.

I will take a full picture and post it later.

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  1. love your sun bonnet sue quilt. thanks for the tute , i am wanting to do some soon