Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Keurig....

We bought our first Keurig back in 2003.  At first I thought I would not really us it a lot, boy was I wrong!  My DH and I use this thing many times everyday.   It finally died just a couple of months ago....lasted almost 10 years..WOW....I had to get another one right away.  These are great for brewing  your coffee, having instant hot water for hot chocolate and making tea.   I was thinking of getting one of those instant boiling water taps added to my kitchen sink but with my Keurig, I do not need it!
I do not usually promote products but this morning my cup told me it was time to thank my friend the Keurig for making me happy every time I need a good cup of coffee!

This sits right next to our microwave oven right in the  middle of my kitchen counter.  I like to have a variety of Kcups available.

If you drink a whole pot of coffee every morning this might  not be a great choice for you but if you are like us and usually only have one good cup in the AM, this is a great thing to have in your kitchen...

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