Tuesday, January 15, 2013

tube pillow case

I found a neat video tutorial of how to make a "tube" pillow cases.
Here are the steps I did to make some.

Cut 27 inches WOF piece of fabric

Cut 9 inches WOF piece of fabric

Place 9 inch piece of fabric right side up

Place 27 inch piece of fabric right side up on top of the 9 inch piece.   Pin edges together.

Roll up from the bottom and place in center of 9 inch piece

Fold over 9 inch fabric piece and pin all three edges together.

Sew along edge

Pull large piece of fabric out of the tube

All seams will be contained in the band of the pillow case

Press band to lay flat

Trim edge before sewing it together

Sew wrong sides together then trun it right sides together and sew to make a French Seam

I pinned the pillow case tubes and had them ready to sew.
Here are the completed ones.   I made 11 today for a total of 21 so far.

Did you notice my new ironing board?

My DH and I bought a nice  24" by 48" plastic table with fold out legs.  He glued a 1/4 inch piece of wood to the top of it.  I added some padding and a nice reflective ironing board cover that was peel and stick.  It is so nice to have such a big surface to work on. He also made a small one to put my iron on.  My pop up iron was leaving an indention in the top of the ironing board so we made a little pad to put it on.   Works great.  If I need the ironing board to be taller I use some 4 inch risers.  Otherwise it sits at the right height next to my sewing machine.


  1. i used the same method recently to make a couple of pillowcases for the little girl next door. Loved the pattern and the end result.

  2. Okay, I have a dumb question. What does WOF mean in your first two steps? And do you still have the link for the video you saw this on?

    These are so nice. Great job!